7-Star Standards for a Global Education Provider

The Challenge: Revolutionising Facilities Management

A Global Education Provider envisioned a radical transformation of its facilities management (FM) services to align with a 7-star hotelification model, aiming to redefine the customer experience within its iconic grade-II listed building. This ambitious project required a comprehensive overhaul of existing FM service specifications to meet exceptional standards of customer service and operational excellence.

Our Strategic Approach: Crafting Excellence in FM

EmPro embraced this vision with a detailed strategy focused on innovation, stakeholder engagement, and meticulous planning:

  • RIBA Stages: Navigated through the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) stages to ensure the project’s design and execution met the highest architectural and operational standards.
  • PMaaS and PMO Support: Leveraged Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) and provided Project Management Office (PMO) support to maintain strategic oversight and ensure seamless execution across all phases.
  • Mobilisation: Managed the transition to the new FM model, focusing on training, stakeholder buy-in, and operational readiness to ensure a smooth implementation.
  • Facilities Management: Undertook a complete redesign of the FM service specification, incorporating best practices and innovative solutions to achieve the 7-star standard.
  • Customer Experience and User Journey Mapping: Developed a comprehensive customer experience journey map, identifying key touchpoints and ensuring every aspect of the service delivery contributed to an exceptional customer experience.

The Outcome: Setting a New Benchmark in FM Services

The transformation was profound, with several significant achievements marking the project’s success:

  • Transformation of a Heritage Building: Successfully redefined FM services within a grade-II listed building, marrying historical significance with modern service excellence.
  • Innovative FM Service Specification: Delivered a fully revised FM service specification that set new industry standards for service delivery, customer experience, and operational efficiency.
  • Award-Winning Collaboration and Quality: The project garnered accolades and awards for its collaborative approach and the high quality of outcomes achieved, setting a precedent for future FM transformations.

Top 3 Outcomes:

  • Adoption of a 7-Star Hotelification Model: Pioneered a shift in FM services to reflect luxury hospitality standards, enhancing the overall customer experience.
  • Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement: Ensured all stakeholders were integral to the process, from requirement gathering to implementation, fostering a collaborative project environment.
  • Strategic FM Framework:  Established a robust, forward-thinking FM framework, complete with SLAs, KPIs, and KEIs, providing a structured approach to continuous improvement and excellence.

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