Transforming Back Office Functions for a Tier 1 FM Provider

The Challenge: Elevating Compliance and Streamlining Operations

A Tier 1 Facilities Management (FM) provider was grappling with significant challenges in its back office functions, particularly in the domain of compliance and operational visibility. The lack of streamlined processes and clear documentation hindered effective training for new staff and made workload prediction nearly impossible. This inefficiency led to high staff turnover rates and growing customer dissatisfaction, posing a threat to the provider’s reputation and operational effectiveness

Our Strategic Approach: Comprehensive Process Overhaul and Team Transformation

EmPro took on this formidable challenge with a strategic blueprint aimed at revamping the client’s back office operations. Our multi-faceted approach centered on addressing the core issues head-on, through the following initiatives:

  • Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) Deployment: By leveraging our PMaaS capabilities, we provided the client with the necessary project management resources to guide the transformation process efficiently.
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Activation: A dedicated PMO was established to ensure strategic alignment of the transformation project, facilitating effective communication, monitoring progress, and ensuring quality control throughout the process.
  • Business Analysis and Process Redefinition: Our team conducted a thorough business analysis to identify inefficiencies and compliance gaps. This led to the development and documentation of clear, streamlined processes tailored to enhance operational visibility and compliance.
  • Facilities Management and Interim Management Expertise: We brought in FM and interim management specialists to oversee the transformation, ensuring continuity of business-as-usual (BAU) activities while managing client escalations and driving the process overhaul.
  • Team Upskilling and Transition to BAU: A key focus was on upskilling the existing team to adapt to the new processes and technologies introduced. This empowered the team to manage their workflows more effectively, reducing churn and increasing customer satisfaction. The project culminated in a smooth handover to BAU operations, with the team fully equipped to maintain the new standards of performance.

The Outcome: Dramatic Improvement in Compliance and Operational Efficiency

The transformation project yielded remarkable results within a mere 3-month timeframe:

  • Significant Compliance Performance Uplift: The hard service delivery compliance function’s performance soared from approximately 50% to over 95%, marking a dramatic improvement in compliance status and operational efficiency.
  • Reduction in Staff Churn and Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: The clear documentation of processes and upskilling of the team led to reduced turnover rates and a notable increase in customer satisfaction, as processes became more transparent and predictable.
  • Seamless Transition and Sustained Operational Excellence: The successful handover to BAU operations, backed by the upskilled team and streamlined processes, ensured that the FM provider could sustain the high levels of compliance and efficiency achieved through the project.

Top 3 Outcomes:

  • Compliance and Efficiency Transformation: Achieved a significant leap in compliance performance, from 50% to over 95%, through strategic process overhaul and team transformation.
  • Staff Retention and Customer Satisfaction: Addressed the root causes of staff churn and customer frustration, leading to improved team stability and enhanced client engagement.
  • Sustainable Operational Excellence: Established a robust foundation for ongoing operational excellence, with clear processes and an empowered team ensuring continued success in back office functions.

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