Call Centre Relocation for a UK Insurance Provider

The Challenge: Pioneering a New Work Model

Following a strategic review, a leading UK Insurance Provider faced the challenge of drastically altering its operational footprint. The decision to transition to a “work from home first” model meant disposing of a large, owned building and moving to a significantly smaller, leased space. This bold move aimed to accommodate a new era of flexible working, requiring meticulous planning to ensure a smooth transition for resident employees and maintain operational continuity.

Our Strategic Approach: Navigating the Transition

EmPro’s strategy was multifaceted, designed to address the logistical, operational, and employee engagement aspects of such a significant change:

  • Project Management: We spearheaded the initiative, ensuring that every phase of the relocation was planned with precision and executed flawlessly.
  • Acquisitions and Disposals: Managed the strategic disposal of the existing property and the acquisition of the new premises, aligning with the client’s new operational model.
  • Workplace Relocation: Coordinated the logistical aspects of moving to the new office, ensuring that all necessary resources were in place for a seamless transition.
  • Fit Out and Refurbishment: Oversaw the design and fit-out of the new space to support a flexible working environment, optimising the use of the smaller premises.
  • Building Exit and Closure: Ensured the former building was vacated and responsibilities were fulfilled, minimising financial and legal implications.

The Outcome: A Seamless Transition to Flexibility

The project was a resounding success, marked by several key achievements:

  • Efficient Project Execution: The transition was executed within the planned timeline, with detailed project management ensuring clarity and coordination across all work streams and stakeholders.
  • Comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement: From operational teams to the Board, stakeholders were continuously informed, ensuring transparency and support throughout the project.
  • Financial and Operational Benefits Realised: The strategic move not only met financial objectives but also ensured that operational activities continued without interruption, setting a precedent for

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