Carbon Reduction Plan


‍We are delighted to formally announce our achievement as a Net-Zero organisation. Aligned with our core values, sustainability occupies a paramount position within our corporate ethos. Our unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility reflects our profound dedication to fostering a positive impact on the global climate.Going beyond this, we are dedicated to going above and beyond a Net-Zero status and continue to have a positive impact on the environment.

Energy Efficiency:

‍We regularly conduct comprehensive energy audits to identify further areas for improvement within our practices and our working environments.

‍Carbon Reduction in Commuting

‍As we move into our new office space, as a workforce we commit to taking advantage of the excellent transport links that Birmingham has to offer. By encouraging our workforce to reduce their carbon footprint, we can work together to have a positive impact.Furthermore, when travelling for business meetings outside of the City, we will continue to use public transport as a primary mode of transportation to ensure that our business practices are sustainable.

‍Carbon Offsetting and Removal:

‍We will continue to partner with and support Ecologi in line with company growth, by supporting projects with the view of improving the environment. This includes reducing CO2 and planting trees.

Employee Engagement:

‍We will continue to encourage sustainable practices among employees, both at work and in their personal lives, and incentivise sustainable practices.

‍Continuous Monitoring and Reporting:

‍We implement a robust monitoring system to track carbon emissions and energy consumption and provide regular updates on our progress, to help us identify and achieve our carbon reduction goals.

Community Engagement:

‍We engage with local communities to understand their environmental concerns and contribute positively to both our practices and the local community of our clients.

‍Investment in Innovation:

‍We create and provide valuable resources to educate more businesses on sustainable technologies and support them in creating carbon reduction plans.

‍Advocacy and Collaboration:

‍We advocate for policies that support carbon reduction and sustainability at local, regional, and national levels. By working with our clients and supply chain, we can support more businesses to work toward becoming more sustainable.

‍Regular Review and Adaptation:

‍We regularly review and update our carbon reduction plan based on technological advancements and changing environmental priorities.By implementing these strategies, we can continue to lead in sustainability, inspire others, and contribute significantly to the global effort to combat climate change.

Emma Armstrong |  Company Director  | 15th December 2023

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