FM Strategy for a Multinational Insurance Firm

The Challenge: Optimising FM Operations for Global Excellence

A leading Multinational Insurance Firm faced a critical juncture: the need to elevate its Facilities Management (FM) operations to meet the dynamic demands of its global workforce and clientele. The challenge was multifaceted, requiring a seamless transition of FM services to a top-tier provider while ensuring elevated levels of engagement and trust across the organisation. The overarching goal was to enhance operational efficiency, optimise customer experience, and instill a renewed sense of confidence in the FM services provided.

Our Strategic Approach: Comprehensive FM Mobilisation

In response, EmPro devised a meticulously planned strategy to tackle the firm’s objectives head-on. Our approach was underpinned by a commitment to excellence and innovation in FM services, focusing on the following strategic pillars:

  • Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) Integration: Leveraging our PMaaS offering, we provided the firm with scalable project management expertise, ensuring that every aspect of the FM transition was executed flawlessly.
  • Project Management Office (PMO) Implementation: A dedicated PMO was established to govern the mobilisation process, ensuring strategic alignment, effective stakeholder communication, and rigorous oversight of the transition timelines and quality benchmarks.
  • Mobilisation Excellence: We executed a comprehensive mobilisation plan tailored to the unique needs and scale of the insurance firm. This included detailed risk assessments, staff training programs, and a phased service rollout to minimise operational disruptions.
  • Facilities Management Innovation: Our team introduced cutting-edge FM practices and technologies, focusing on sustainability, efficiency, and the integration of smart building solutions to future-proof the firm’s facilities.
  • Elevating Customer and Employee Experience: A core objective was to significantly enhance the experience for both clients and employees of the firm. This was achieved through a focus on service excellence, responsive FM support, and the implementation of feedback loops for continuous improvement.


The Outcome: A New Benchmark in FM Excellence

The strategic FM mobilisation for the Multinational Insurance Firm was marked by significant achievements:

  • Elevated Stakeholder Engagement: The transition fostered a high degree of participation and confidence among employees, clients, and the management team, solidifying trust in the new FM provider.
  • Operational and Efficiency Gains: The firm experienced a tangible uplift in operational efficiency, with streamlined FM processes and enhanced service delivery across its global footprint.
  • Benchmarking Industry Excellence: The project set a new industry standard for FM mobilisation, with the firm’s approach to integrating innovative FM solutions and prioritising stakeholder experience serving as a model for excellence.

Top 3 Outcomes:

  • Streamlined FM Transition: Achieved a seamless transition to a Tier 1 FM provider, characterised by meticulous planning and execution.
  • Enhanced Engagement and Trust: Markedly improved engagement and confidence levels across the firm, demonstrating the effectiveness of the mobilisation strategy.
  • Operational Excellence and Innovation: Established new operational efficiencies and integrated innovative FM practices, elevating the firm’s position as a leader in workplace management.

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