FM Mobilisation for a Central Government Agency in the UK

The Challenge: Comprehensive Mobilisation for National Impact

A central government agency in the UK faced the task of transforming its facilities management (FM) operations. Entrusted to a Tier 1 FM business, the project scope was vast and complex, encompassing the mobilization and transformation of services across 850+ locations, integrating 3500 TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment)) employees, and managing 71 service lines. This initiative required meticulous planning and execution to ensure seamless integration of processes and systems, while also maintaining service excellence across the board.

Our Strategic Approach: Holistic Transformation and Integration

EmPro spearheaded this ambitious project with a comprehensive strategy designed to address the multifaceted challenges of such a large-scale mobilisation. Our approach was built on several critical pillars:

  • Project Management as a Service (PMaaS) and PMO Implementation: Leveraging our robust PMaaS capabilities, we provided scalable project management resources to oversee the intricate mobilisation process. A dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) was established to ensure strategic alignment, manage risks, and facilitate seamless communication among all stakeholders.
  • Business Architecture and Systems Integration: Our team led the development of a significant business architecture, integrating 16 systems end-to-end across three organisations. This integration was crucial for creating a cohesive operational framework capable of supporting the agency’s extensive network.
  • Change Control and Contract Management: We meticulously coordinated client-facing change control processes, addressing deviations from the initial bid position to ensure contract viability. This approach also allowed for the identification and capitalization on additional revenue and profit opportunities.
  • Cutover and Transition Leadership: Our leadership in the cutover and transition activities included the implementation of a detailed deployment plan, covering the transition of approximately 3500+ staff and ensuring business readiness for go-live across 859 buildings nationally.
  • Multiway Engagement and Resource Deployment: EmPro championed multiway engagement with five partner providers, facilitating the deployment of 16 new IT systems, over 400 vehicles, 570 IT devices, and 8700 items of uniform, ensuring comprehensive readiness and operational capability.
  • Technology and CAFM Deployment: We oversaw the deployment of cutting-edge technology and Computer-Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) systems to enhance operational efficiency and service delivery across all locations.

The Outcome: A Pioneering FM Model for Government Excellence

The mobilisation and transformation project set a new precedent for FM operations within the UK government sector:

  • Integrated Business Architecture: Successfully built and integrated a comprehensive business architecture, streamlining operations and enhancing service delivery efficiency.
  • Revenue and Profit Maximisation: Navigated contract changes adeptly, ensuring the project’s financial viability from day one, with the contract valued at over £50m.
  • Seamless National Transition: Achieved a seamless transition and operational readiness for a national rollout, impacting 859 buildings and coordinating extensive resources, including personnel, vehicles, IT equipment, and uniforms.
  • Strategic Partner Collaboration: Established effective collaboration with multiple partner providers, setting a benchmark for multi-organizational cooperation in large-scale mobilization projects.


Top 3 Outcomes:

  • Unprecedented Scale of Mobilisation: Successfully led one of the largest FM mobilizations for the UK government, covering an extensive network of locations and services.
  • Financial Viability and Growth: Set up a lucrative contract that was profitable from the outset, demonstrating financial acumen and strategic foresight.
  • Operational Excellence and Integration: Implemented a pioneering model of FM service delivery, marked by technological integration and operational efficiency, contributing to the agency’s strategic objectives.

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