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Rapid Recruitment of Workplace Managers for a Leading FM Provider

The Challenge: Urgent Need for Experienced Managers

A globally recognised facilities management provider faced an urgent challenge: recruiting two Workplace Managers, one in Birmingham and another in London. The key requirement was to find experienced individuals who could smoothly integrate into the role and make an immediate impact. Time was of the essence, and our objective was to identify qualified candidates with the right skills and adaptability to excel in these critical positions.

Our Strategic Approach: Rapid and Effective Recruitment

EmPro approached this challenge with a strategic plan tailored to meet the client’s needs. Understanding the high stakes, we initiated a focused recruitment strategy that prioritised speed without compromising quality.

Our strategy included:

  • Detailed Requirement Analysis: We began by thoroughly understanding the client’s specific needs and the skill sets required for the Workplace Manager positions in Birmingham and London.

  • Targeted Candidate Search: Leveraging our extensive network and industry expertise, we identified potential candidates who matched the job specifications and had a proven track record in facilities management.

  • Swift Candidate Evaluation: We conducted rapid yet comprehensive evaluations to ensure the shortlisted candidates possessed the necessary skills and could integrate seamlessly into the client’s operational framework.

  • Streamlined Onboarding Process: To expedite the hiring process, we facilitated a smooth onboarding experience for the selected candidates, ensuring they could start their roles without delay.

The Outcome: Exceptional Placements with Immediate Impact

The successful recruitment of two highly qualified Workplace Managers resulted in:

  • Immediate Role Integration: Both managers integrated seamlessly into their respective roles in Birmingham and London, delivering immediate value to the client.

  • Exceeding Expectations: The candidates received exceptional feedback for their performance, demonstrating their ability to exceed expectations and validate the effectiveness of our selection process.

  • Client Satisfaction: The swift and successful placements reinforced our client’s trust in our recruitment capabilities, highlighting our commitment to delivering exceptional value.

Top 3 Outcomes:

  • Timely Recruitment: Rapid identification and onboarding of experienced Workplace Managers in Birmingham and London.

  • High-Quality Placements: Candidates who exceeded client expectations and delivered immediate impact.

  • Client Trust: Enhanced client satisfaction and trust in our recruitment expertise and strategic approach.

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